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Uzbek flag
Uzbekistan - an independent state in Central Asia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan has chosen democratic politics and began to implement reforms in order to develop a market economy and to enter into the international economic community as a full member of it. 
General information 
Area: 447.4 square meters. km 
Population: 24 million 
The population density is 50.1 per square kilometer. km 
Capital: Tashkent 
Language: Uzbek - official language, Russian - the language of international communication 
Time: at 5:00 Grivinchu + winter + summer 4:00 
Electricity: 220 V AC, 50 A; standard double plug socket 
Uzbekistan is the location
The Republic of Uzbekistan is situated in the central part of Central Asia between two rivers - the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. In the north-west of the country is located Turan lowland and mountains of Tien Shan, and in the south-east of the territory - the mountain ranges of the Pamir-Alai. Kyzyl Kum Desert is located in the north. Uzbekistan borders with the following countries: Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. 
The climate of Uzbekistan is sharply continental. The average monthly temperature in winter - from +10 to +3 ° C. Summers are hot and dry. During the summer, temperatures range from +35 to +45 degrees C. Autumn is warm enough. And this is the season when delicious fruits and vegetables are in abundance at the markets. At this time, the temperature is 13 degrees C. 
Uzbek pilaf kitchen The Uzbek kitchen samosa Uzbek bread kitchen
In Uzbek cuisine there are more than thousands of national dishes. There are about 500 ways of cooking Uzbek pilaf, and in each area it is cooked in its own way. Caloric content and ecological cleanliness of local food is unique. Uzbek cuisine is not possible to describe in words, it is necessary to try. Awesome tasting fruits and vegetables grown under the warm sun and the east are components of Uzbek cuisine. 
All payments will be made in sums - the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Currency exchange offices are available in every city of Uzbekistan. 
Узбекская одежда Uzbek men clothing Uzbek pattern
Travel to Uzbekistan, we recommend that you wear very light and loose clothing in cool evenings you can wear a jumper or jacket. During excursions and sightseeing on foot in the dry and dusty areas (sand, cobble, etc.) will be essential comfortable, solid shoes with sturdy soles. There is a need to remove shoes at the entrance to some religious sites and buildings. There are no special requirements for clothing for visiting Islamic religious sites, except for the need to cover most parts of your body, including the hands and feet. 
Tourists are recommended to dress comfortably and not the fashion. Valuable jewelry and any clothing that requires special attention, it is desirable to leave the house. 
Due to the high risk of sunburn, your clothing should have maximum protection. For example, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. 
In some regions of Uzbekistan, a regular traveler might seem extremely rich, compared with the locals. Frank display of jewelry, handbags, wallets and cameras will provide you from the crowd. Be discreet. 
Bag with a long, strong belt or a small backpack - the most practical way of transportation of camera and personal belongings during your stay in Uzbekistan. Your luggage should be secured with a padlock. Make sure that the luggage is labeled. Your name must be specified on the label, as well, label your luggage inside. This will allow the airport staff to identify your luggage in case of loss. Never leave your luggage unattended at the airport or train station. 
Free baggage allowance on flights - 20 kg per person plus one extra piece of carry-on baggage on domestic flights within Central Asia, except Turkmenistan, where the maximum luggage weight - 10 kg. Since you will be traveling in some areas, where travel conditions are basic urge you to limit luggage to one suitcase or backpack, and a sleeping bag. An important part of your luggage will also be a folder or wallet to store your necessary documents and money. 
Your journey will take place in the rayon, which are not, to a large extent, concerning dangerous communicable diseases, so that there are no formal requirements vaccinations for foreign tourists. However, we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor to prevent and recommendations for the necessary vaccinations. 
Be prepared for minor gastric complaints, because in some areas the water contains large amounts of mineral and metal salts. Consult your doctor or pharmacist to purchase medical supplies and prevention of these diseases. 
One of the main threats to health is dehydration. Always keep your body use non-alcoholic beverages. 
Sunburn can also be a potential problem. It is advisable to carry your suntan lotion and wide-brimmed hat. If desired, you can also take with vitamins, for gargling to prevent major infections, flu tablets, aspirin, plaster, antiseptic and anti-bacterial cream. Please let us know if you suffer from allergies or do you need a special diet that require attention during the trip; If your doctor has prescribed you any medication, make sure you have sufficient medical supplies for the duration of the holiday. 
In the hotels of this region is not always provided by the presence of individual safes in the rooms. Always need to keep to yourself valuable documents: passport, currency, traveler's checks, airline tickets, credit cards, etc. Take precautions to avoid loss of values. On arrival at the hotel you need to provide your passport to make registration. Do not forget to pick it up before leaving. 
For tourists who want to capture the interest of space, there are no restrictions. Photography is prohibited at the airport and train stations, in some religious monuments, military facilities and the Tashkent metro. Always accompanying guide will explain all your questions. Also note that the payment for photography in most sightseeing spots (not included in tour price). Photographic film and batteries are commercially available, but we recommend to buy all the necessary items prior to your arrival, especially if you have the latest modification or complex type of camera / video camera, which requires a certain type of film or batteries. 
Mineral water is locally produced contains a higher level of minerals than the water of a foreign proceeding and the taste may seem to you quite salty (these mineral waters are considered to be therapeutic). Online available imported spirits and wine, but in some places the origin of some alcoholic beverages and wines is questionable and the prices can be high. 
Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by the interesting izdeliyamii jewelry, clothing and handicraft production in Central Asia. Books, postcards and maps are also common gifts. There are restrictions on the export of carpets. For detailed information on this subject please ask before buying from your tour guide. 
Additional payments 
You are responsible for paying such additional hotel bills, telephone calls, room service, use of the mini bar and laundry service. Before leaving the hotel provided a tour, please make sure you have paid all additional accounts
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