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Ah, this oriental tale!

Have you ever seen in the center of the wood carved columns of different ages? Do you want to see just two Central Asian deserts - Kyzylkum and Karakum? Visit the home of prominent medieval mathematician al-Khwarizmi? Then you definitely need to Khiva - city-museum, city-fairy tale. In the city of "exclamation marks". So jokingly referred to as the minarets of Khiva, lined up in a straight line. And, probably, because everything here is surprising and makes travelers to exclaim: "Oh, it's oriental tale!". There is a view not all of Khiva, and its inner city - Ichan-Kala. Although Dishan-kala (outer city) also boasts several historical monuments.
In Khiva almost no tall buildings, except for the minaret of Islam Khodja. It is from the top deck you can see the band two great deserts surrounding the Khorezm region. They are visible and still with the same facilities, the tower called Ak Sheikh-bobo. This patrol tower, located on the ancient hill, where once was the home, revered by the people - Ak-Sheikh-bobo. All of this is in the Khan's residence Kunya-ark, which means "old fortress". As it should be, in the residence are - Reception Khan Office, the mint, the judgment seat, mosque, private quarters and harem. Later, a new palace will be built, which will be called "stone" - "Tash Hawley", which will be completely different architectural design. Three separate court will form the Khan's palace with all its attributes. All parts of the palace are interconnected maze of lightless corridors. It can not only see, but also to enter into the interior, to feel implicated in the events that took place here. The more that is played here costume show "Khan reception of foreign ambassadors."
Ichan-Kala is interesting in that the city is preserved almost completely, but at the same time, construction - not frozen exhibits of the museum, but a living city, where there are residents whose houses are situated on the inner perimeter of defensive walls, here played the wedding, come pilgrims, shoot films . And all this before the eyes of tourists. Almost everywhere spreads music - Khorezm provocative dancing motif, which elevates mood and reminds of the presence in the East. Near the mausoleum Pahlawan Mahmud Sayid Alauddin and music is almost inaudible - a pilgrimage place where live stream sent to local residents and visitors. These are the two patron of Khiva, mausoleums and tombs which are decorated with amazing tiles. However, like all of Khiva interior, decorated with white-blue-blue majolica. A very modest exterior walls - ocher surface rarely decorated with ornate tiles. Against this background, the brightest spot stands the minaret Kalta Minor. This unfinished sky-blue building, completely covered with glazed tiles, was to be the highest in the Asian region - more than 70 meters. But Khan's plans went awry. This guide will tell, remembering the people bytuyuschuyu legend. But the pearl of Ichan-Kala is the Juma Mosque. Only here you will see a multi-column hall, numbering 212 columns of different ages. Custom building with large holes in the ceiling light impresses with its size and calculations. Fine carving masters fascinates tourists and stay in this wonderful place adds strength and wisdom. Like all historic towns.
Prepared by the guide of the highest category Dilbar Abdunabieva.

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