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"The most beautiful city under the sky"

An interesting fact which sometimes encounter tourism workers, visiting at international meetings. Not all foreigners know where Uzbekistan, but it is worth to hear the name of Samarkand, as immediately begin to smile broadly and nods his head. This city they know a lot. The literature often give different definitions of this city, to highlight its splendor: Face of the Earth, World Mirror, Rome of the East Garden of the soul, Pearl of the Orient, the most beautiful city under the sky, East fairy tale, etc. And they are right, it is impossible to describe in one word miracle called Samarkand. Samarkand is closely linked with the name of Temur - the great commander and ruler of a vast empire. It was he who built the city more beautiful and majestic that was not in the East. It worked masters not only the state but also from other conquered countries. Only their hard work and skill has made the city the capital of the empire Temuridovskoy. To have survived the structure, affecting its size and finish.
Among them, of course, the Gur Emir mausoleum - tomb of the Timurids in the male line. Faceted with an unusual dome, framed by minarets, the mausoleum is surprising rich ornamentation, shimmering with all shades of gold coating. The scale constructed while construction is respected even among modern architects. At the end of the XIV century Timur begins construction of the largest mosque, which will subsequently be referred to as "Bibi Khanum". Today it is partially restored, but even in such a dilapidated form, it is impressive. Its finish mosaic tiles of all shades of blue, blue, turquoise, azure, combined with the white color gives the elegance and solemnity. Glorified edge and grandson of Temur - Ulugbek, famous astronomer and mathematician. The only ruler who built the three madrasahs in different cities of the state. It was he who built the first observatory in Samarkand, three stories tall, having collected a huge library. Ulugbek set sextant by which it calculated the location of 1018 stars and was able to calculate the sidereal year: 365 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes, 8 seconds. Modern scientists have proved that the calculation made in the XV century, is almost exact. The error was only 58 seconds. One of the madrasas built by Ulugbek, still adorns the main square of Samarkand - Registan. Two centuries later another ruler to build 2 more madrasas, one of which will include also a cathedral mosque. To perpetuate his name, a ruler Yalangtush Bahadur ordered to cover the interior of the mosque with gold. From that and it is called - Tilla-Kari.
Other facility - Sher-Dor is also surprising: it is decorated with images of animals and the sun with a human face. Much more interesting buildings can be seen in Samarkand. But it is advisable to visit other interesting places - Museum of History of Samarkand "Afrasiab". There you can learn more about the 2750 years history of Samarkand, see the miraculously preserved wall paintings. Genuine interest is a visit to a carpet factory "Hudzhum", where the eyes of visitors to 400 girls silk create a miracle. Attractive and trip to the outskirts of Samarkand, where he works created by brothers Mukhtarov paper factory, manufacturing the famous ancient Samarkand paper on ancient recipes. Of course, one can not look at a bustling colorful and tasty Siab bazaar, where every tourist takes home the famous Samarkand bread, fruit and halva.
Prepared by the guide of the highest category Dilbar Abdunabieva.
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